Intern Program

Intern Program

In 2008, IES initiated an Intern Program with the Guam Humanities Council’s project, an online encyclopedia about Guam. Our English instructor— Douglas W. Plate —have contributed a number
of entries to


Each entry is thoroughly reviewed by three scholars from Guam before it is accepted by
GHC editors. This refereed process ensures that entries are accurate and original.


Two of Ivy’s students—Margaret Wang (John F. Kennedy High School Class of 2009) and Karen Hwang (Harvest Christian Academy Class of 2009)—submitted entries about the Chinese and Korean communities of Guam, respectively.


In 2009, Tae Oh, founder and president of IES and a certified engineer, initiated an engineering intern program at Ivy. Students will learn to create blueprints by way of CAD technology, and will be able to read detailed engineering drafts and plans for a myriad of engineering fields, including the specialty areas of civil and mechanical.


Students who participate in either of the IES Intern Programs have a distinct advantage over other students; practical, contributory experience opens more doors for them in the future, and it is a feather in their résumé caps.